Finding Student Loans With Bad Credit
Finding Student Loans With Bad Credit
We all know that it’s easy to get a loan when you have great credit but if you have bad credit, you can easily become discouraged because it seems as if no one wants to lend to you. If you’re having this problem, there’s no need to worry because there are ways to get a loan.

Look at all the loan options- There are many options 0ut there when it comes to loans. Make sure that you look at all the different types and don’t be afraid to apply for each kind. When I think of bad credit, I generally think of a Stafford or Perkins Loan. These are easier to obtain compared to traditional loans. Try one of those if you’re having a hard time with your bad credit score.

Look at federal programs - I know, when you think of the government, you don’t think of good things but there are great funding programs out there that can help you when you’re in need. Since it’s a win-win for all of us, the government wants to reward those that want an education because it only makes our nation smarter. A government would much rather fund a college bound student rather than a drop out sitting at home doing nothing.

Use student loan services - With services like SimpleTuition, they can help you find the perfect loan for you. Services like this will allow you to input all of your information and they will find the perfect loan for you. These services are 100% free and more than willing to help you find a loan. If you haven’t tried a service like this yet, I would recommend that you try it, you have nothing to lose!

Ask your parents or relatives- A last resort is always asking relatives or a parent. Let them know how important an education is to you and your future. If you have to, work out a legal contract stating that you’ll pay them back plus interest. If they won’t bite, you can either ask Grandma or Grandpa. A lot of the times, this does work and don’t feel like a bum for asking! Most of the times grandparents would much rather give their grand kids money for school rather than something else!

Finding a loan shouldn’t be hard even if you have bad credit. Try some of the tips above and let’s hope for the best. Work hard and don’t give up until you find that loan!
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