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Are Federal PLUS Parent Loans Right For You?

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Are Federal PLUS Parent Loans Right For You? July 28th, 2009 by Matthew C. Keegan | Filed under Student Loans. Over the next few weeks, families will learn the exact amount of money owed to their READ MORE

How do my parents get a Direct Plus loan?

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How do my parents get a loan? For a Direct PLUS Loan, your parents must complete a Direct PLUS Loan application and promissory note, contained in a single form that you get from your school’s finan READ MORE

PLUS Loans: Parent Loan Details

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PLUS Loans: Parent Loan Details PLUS Loans are non-need based, which means you do not have to demonstrate financial need to qualify. Eligibility for the PLUS Loan depends on a modest credit check t READ MORE
PLUS Loans This is a parent loan, sponsored by the federal government, that is unrelated to need. Generally, parents can borrow up to the total cost of education, minus any aid received. Many lenders provide pre-approval for a PLUS Loan within minutes, either online or over the phone. Once the application is completed and the loan is approved, the money is sent to the student's college.
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