Student Funding Group Adds Private Loan Product
Student Funding Group, LLC (StuFund) announced that it has added a private student loan product to its current suite of student loans to help students finance their education beyond scholarships, grants and federal student loans. This school-certified loan will feature no fees and is designed for students looking to finance their college education.

The StuFund Solutions Loan will have zero fees and offer competitive rates. "Our loans are made to fit the needs of the student after they have exhausted scholarship, grant and federal loan monies" stated Sergio Sotolongo, Chairman and CEO of StuFund. "StuFund is pleased to be able to add this private loan product at a time when students are looking for this funding" continued Sotolongo.

In addition to the StuFund Solutions school-certified private loan, StuFund currently offers Federal Stafford and PLUS loans.

About StuFund
StuFund is a minority business enterprise in the educational loan space. It is built on the philosophy that each and every student can and should have access to funding for quality higher education. The company's mission is to provide loans, particularly for students who could not afford college without such financing, and to support and guide families through the financial aid process. In addition to offering educational loans for undergraduate and graduate schools and college loan consolidation, StuFund's Knowledge Center provides expert advisement on college admissions and financial aid. It hopes to address the fact that many students do not have sufficient access to college advisement in their schools. Through partnerships with Universities, Corporations, and Non Profit Organizations, StuFund hopes to educate the public about the college application process and financing options. More information is available at
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